MAINTENANCE PROGRAM That fulfills your expectations

Elevera Elevators offers different service packages under With the AMC, products are maintained on a regular basis after the free service period is completed.

The Annual maintenance contract allows regular checkups and routine maintenance work to keep the performance and quality of the elevators in good condition every year.

Elevera provides preventive and corrective maintenance services for all types of elevator. We believe in maintaining the devices regularly to keep all the elevators updated through horizontal deployment.

We provide following service packages for better operation of elevators:

Primary Maintenance Program:
The Primary Maintenance Program includes routine maintenance during scheduled visits (Cleaning, Lubrication, Visual Inspection and Minor adjustments) with safety tests. Corrective Maintenance is not included in this program.

Full Maintenance Program:
The Full Maintenance Program includes the benefits of Primary Maintenance Program as well as corrective maintenance (Repair Service) is also provided. The repair service of this program is provided during the working hour's i.e. (9 am to 5pm)

Full Maintenance Extended Program:
The Full Maintenance Extended Program includes the benefits of Full Maintenance Program with repair service provided .